Hoy fue un buen día (Today was a good day)

Today was a good day.  I had no mission to carry out, the sun was shinning and it was a balmy 40 degrees (my friends in parts of Europe and the DC area don’t hate). I ventured forth on my none mission and stopped for a “chocalo y postrie” at a small cafe near my hotel.  After ordering and asking to take a picture of the interesting arrangement  over the back counter (I promise to upload when I can) the owner began to chat me up.  Either Black Americans are extremely rare in Madrid or my accent has gotten better.  But, I was debated about my ancestry.  He swore I was a Brazilian (actually this also happened when I was in Brazil until I opened my mouth and it was clear I was not from Bahia.  But that is another story).  I assured him I was and he asked me what I thought of Spain.  I gave my standard response: “España es grande y la gente aquí es muy agradable!” (yes my dear reader I am going to force you to learn some Spanish:-). He seemed satisfied with my answer.  I collected my bill and off I went, as I had taken a look at my ever present map and suddenly developed a mission.

The largest mosque in all of Europe is in Madrid, Centro Cultural Islamico.  It was on the other side of town and required me to navigate further then I have ever been and on train lines other then “lineas 6 y 4”.  And after getting off the train I would have to walk about a mile.  And yes I did it without getting too lost! Not only did I make it there I met a delegation of mayors from Turkey who treated me like a rock star.  I was an American Muslim who had been to Turkey.  I think one adopted me or offered me his daughter. My Turkish is not good enough to understand which.

With this accomplishment and offer under my belt my belt I got brave.  I decided not to return to my starting point, which was my practice until today.  I decided I would try to find estancion principe pio (near where I hope to be living) and check out plaza de espana.  I found it!!! A triple play.

This called for a celebration.  I not only ordered a lunch that included the best “buffalo wings” I have ever had (YES IN SPAIN!!!).  The chicken meat fell off the bone.  Talking about finger looking good! Topped it off with a wonderful chocalate cake and cafe con leche.

Hoy fue un buen dia.

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