La compra de alimentos en Madrid

Wow! I am here for real, for real.  Got the keys to the “piso” and have unpacked our luggage.  I have to get a local phone, find out how to hook up to the internet (if you are reading this I have been successful), and go food shopping.  There is absolutely nothing in my kitchen and we cannot afford to go out and eat for every meal.  And while I am willing to cut back, when you are ten years old and you are hungry economics is not a relevant discussion.

Food shopping is a challenge for me as I did not realize how spoiled I was by having a car where I could drive to the supermarket, get a cart, walk around and know where everything was and what the words on the package meant, check out, place items in trunk of car, drive back to garage, unload bags and place them in refrigerator or cupboard and call it a day. I came face to face with the logistical calculations required to purchase a sufficient amount of supplies and carry those supplies on mass transit. How much more difficult this must be on people around the world who not only don’t have cars, but also don’t have mass transit.  But, then again I can see why farming is a good thing.  Go outside your door, pluck it or kill it and cook it up.  Right now this image is very appealing to me as it could not be more difficult than transversing several flights of stairs on the metro, unlocking three doors, unpacking everything. And then realizing you forgot to get toilet paper.

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