“Najwa no podrá usar el velo”

Why does this headline have me so worked up? I am angry.  But, I also understand that anger is a secondary emotion.  It is how we express hurt and disappointment and my temporary home has just disappointed me.  How can a country that allows the legal consumption of marijuana, heroin and cocaine; that allows legal prostitution; where women wear jeans so tight they cannot zip them and blouses so low cut a nursing child would have no problem being fed—how can this same society now decide that a 16 year old girl cannot wear a veil to school???

Why do people assume that being undressed is more liberating then being covered? Since when is living in a society where women are routinely verbally assaulted by men who holler out statements that objectify women more acceptable then a woman choosing not to display her beauty? I do not understand the European, and sometimes US, response to the veil and the desire to “liberate” Muslim women. Let’s face it, women are oppressed and treated badly all over the world.  And the veil is not the cause of it and in fact offers some protection in societies that recognize the wearing of the veil like Spain recognizes a nun’s habit. It is a sign of religious devotion.  Should we know require nun’s to wear mini-skirts?

I am going to stop writing now as I see my arguments are more about the emotions I am feeling then the reasoning I try to bring to these types of discussions.  But, Spain—me ha roto el corazón:-(

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