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After a 2 1/2 hours train ride at speeds up to 300 kmh you arrive in Sevilla from Madrid. I will be reporting on Sevilla and my experiences here for the next week. But, right now I want to tell you about the thing I am noticing above all else. It is the scent in the air. The air in Sevilla has a sweet, slightly citrus smell. I thought it was just a scent from a store or some over perfumed woman. But, the smell is every where.

I tried to understand where the scent was coming from. Maybe, it was some kind of socialist social engineering program where they sprayed the streets with this scent to get people to forget how miserable they are with universal healthcare. But, it wa nothing so sinister. For I looked up and noticed that orange tress are all over the place. This is in the city center, not a semi-rural arer. And since this is spring they are beginning to flower. I have never smelled anything like it.

I can’t imagine what it is like to live someplace where the streets smell sweet and if I become overwhelmed with the inhaling of citrus I have could be taken to the hospital and not charged.

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