Today I Told a Joke in Spanish

Well it was not really a joke.  It was a subtle play on words. A commentary if you will, a small input into a political conversation-taking place in Spanish. And I made people laugh; not at me, but with me for a change.

Humour is always tricky.  It depends on context and timing.  Trying to be funny in another language can easily backfire to you being the punch line instead of delivering it. And I made people laugh.  They got it!!!

Why am I being so effusive and sharing this with you?  Because a challenge to living in another country and speaking another language is that you often have to leave behind the “you” you were in your home country, in your native language.   If you where witty, sarcastic, enjoyed discussing movies, heck even discussing the weather; these things become a challenge when you are struggling just to grasp what is being said.  Trying to make a contribution that allows people to see your personally when you can’t find the words is a painful thing.  And I realize this is a small victory and I am a long way from being the person I was in the States.  But…

Hoy en día, le dije una broma y la gente se reía. La gente tiene que ver un poco de mí.

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